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Annmaria Shimabuku, University of California, Riverside

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鵜 飼哲 (Ukai Satoshi):
「影を負う」こと, あるいは抵抗の翻訳
„Schatten schultern,“ oder: Was ist eine Übersetzung von Widerstand?

Annmaria Shimabuku earned a B.A. in Japanese Language and Literature from Middlebury College, fulfilled course requirements for the Ph.D. program in Sociology at Tokyo University, and has recently submitted her dissertation entitled Securing Okinawa for Miscegenation: A Historical and Literary Discourse Analysis of Amerasians in Okinawa, 1945-2000 for a 2010 Ph.D. in East Asian Literature from Cornell University.

Through her work on the local scene of postcolonial Okinawa, she uses theory to branch out into three directions. First, she is interested in shifting the critique of the state as a repressive institution to a discursive analysis of the state as a site of productive power in her intervention with transnational feminist politics across the Pacific. Second, she analyzes the role of metaphor in Okinawa’s so-called “resistance literature” or teikô bungaku with regard to the trope of miscegenation. Third, she is committed to theorizing the possibility for the emergence of a postcolonial minority politics within the living remnants of the Japanese Empire by problematizing the current configuration of nation-states established on the postwar US-Japan Alliance.

In her efforts to put transpacific studies into practice, she is committed to a bilingual address, and has consistently published articles in Japanese and English since 2001.