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Сергей Ерофеев (Sergej Erofeev), Europäische Universität St. Petersburg

Presented Papers:

трансформация культуры на практике и проблема культуры в теории

Kultureller Übergang in der Praxis und das Problem der Kultur in der Theorie

Dr. Sergey Erofeev has extensively contributed to key projects in Russia. Working in Tatarstan, Russia, he established the well-known Center for the Sociology of Culture at Kazan State University later becoming KSU Vice-Provost for International Affairs. In 2008 he was invited to direct the reformed IMARES program as well as other international programs of the European University at St. Petersburg.

Dr. Erofeev is one of the first post-Soviet scholars in the social sciences to have received postgraduate education in the West. In 2007 he was selected as the first Humphrey Fellow from Russia specializing in organizational development and performance management in higher education. First trained as a professional pianist, he later became a scholar of society and culture with wide experience in directing and coordinating international projects in research and curriculum development sponsored by the EU Tempus program, the Ford Foundation, OSI, the US Department of State etc. Through these projects he has developed a scholarly emphasis on internationalization and innovation through inter-disciplinary cooperation.

As a sociologist, Dr. Erofeev focuses on culture, education, media, the arts, and inter-ethnic communication. His major pulications address post-Soviet cultural transformation and include the first translation of a popular international sociological dictionary.